Truth and Freedom


Truth is the scripture prescription for freedom.
Nothing is truly free until it’s truth is spoken‎

Yet self is the albatross of the deliverance truth brings. Self and truth lust against each other and do not agree

Man driven by selfishness will resist truth

Meanwhile truth is the sanctifier of a believer. It is the liberty capsule by which all things Christ are made free

Our freedom is simply truth in disguise

Master Jesus said to the father: “Sanctify them through thy truth, thy word is truth…”

That was John 17:17

He was talking to the father about his children. He would choose no other sanctifier than truth. Truth does not reduce a church instead it builds the church. It is lies that destroy a church in the long run

People who leave because of truth were never there in the first place

My dear brother, Sanctify your house by the truth of the word of God today

Pastor David Oamen

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