Introduction Questions


He came home with a lady to inform the parents of his desire to marry her, then starts the questioning :

What state and tribe are you from ?

What’s your course of study ?

What do you do for a living ?

How many wives did your father marry ?

How many kids ?

What does your parent do for a living and on and on and on ?.

Finally his parents turn to him and say,” you can’t marry that lady/guy ” for one , two and three reasons.

What is wrong with parents sitting their son’s and daughter’s down for a discussion before they start

taking life changing decisions, rather than wait for them to figure it out before expressing their reservations or resentments.

We can not continue to blame the youths for taking the ” wrong decisions ” when most of them were left to figure out life by themselves,

learning from bitter experiences and mistakes in their growing up years without a mentor.

Most times parents, uncles or families are only called in when things are either going bad or gone beyond correction. What happens to parents and familiessitting their kids down to teach, advice and mentor them on very important issues of life while growing up. Long before those ages where life changing decision knocks on their door
Parents need to do better as they are not just financial and material providers but Role Models.

As Children grow, parents should get closer, know their thought process and guide them. Some parents Even deliberately watch while their children make mistakes saying “I want him/her to learn the hard way” but this is wrong.

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