CSP NWAFOR: police have the right to slap anybody.

spokesperson of The Nigerian POLICE force CSP Nwafor claimed that POLICE officers have right to slap citizens and citizens have no concomitant right to retaliate.
Where do these officers read their laws?

It is important to note that No law empowers police officers to slap or brutalize the citizens of Nigeria. Slapping in itself is barbaric and constitutes a criminal offence – the crime of trespass to the person: battery and assault. See Sections 351 -355 of the Criminal Code.

citizens’ retaliatory action against officers is a grievous offence as there are remedies in law- criminal law and tort -against officers who take the law into their hands and exact judgment on citizens.

It is this wrong interpretation of our law by officers that created uninformed officer like CSP Nwafor.
It is mandatory That spokesperson be sent to the police academy for a refresher course to update his knowledge of the Nigerian criminal laws.

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